"How much will the inspection cost?"

Inspections are $375 FLAT FEE for any house up to 4000 sq/feet.

NO hidden fees for the age of the house, multiple heating/AC units, crawl spaces, etc.

"What about a termite inspection?"

With every whole house inspection, you will get a FREE termite inspection. This will save you $75 or more and possibly another trip out to the house.

"How long will the inspection take?"

I do a detailed inspection that averages 2-3 hours. I only do 2 inspections per day, this gives me the flexibility to schedule when it's convenient for YOU and ensures I have enough time to answer all your questions.

"So, what if my house fails inspection?"

There is no pass/fail for home inspections. Every home will have issues, even new homes. An inspection lets you know what these issues are so you can make an informed decision.

"Im buying a new or like new house, do I still need an inspection?"

Yes, even brand new houses can have issues and inspecting houses that are a few years old is a great way to head of major issues down the road.

"The house was just completely remodeled, do I still need and inspection?"

YES! Homes are often remodeled with less than professional workmanship.

"So I will know all the problems after the inspection?"

NO. While every effort is made to find all the problems, there is simply no way to find everything in 2-3 hours. Issues may also be hidden in walls or hidden by the sellers.