I will visually inspect the home using my custom inspection report. My custom 6-page report is designed for YOU, so it is easy to read and understand. Plus, it includes hand written summary page(s) detailing any issues I found.

I will go over all the findings with you in plain English so you completely understand them. You will receive multiple copies of this written report on-site so there is no waiting. The report covers all the home's structural and mechanical systems including, but not limited to:

  • Site: Grading & drainage, driveways, walkways, decks, porches, patios.
  • Structure: Exterior walls, trim, chimney, foundation, slabs, basement, crawl spaces
  • Attic: Access, insulation, roof sheathing, ventilation, trusses, rafters
  • Roof: Roof surface, flashing, penetrations, drainage system, gutters & downspouts
  • Garage: doors, automatic openers, fire separation, electric
  • Plumbing: Main and distribution water lines, waste & vent pipes, water heater, gas pipes
  • Heating/Cooling: Operation of system, type, duct & distribution system, filters, thermostat
  • Electrical: Service entry, capacity, breakers, wiring, outlets & switches, electric panels
  • Interior: Doors, windows, flooring, stairs, walls & ceilings, fireplace, closets
  • Kitchen: Cabinets/counter tops, sink, garage disposal, dishwasher, range, oven, faucets, microwave, built-in appliances